The present document contains the low terms and conditions which CheapHostingShop offers its services of lodging of sites of Internet (Web hosting). In such sense, and in agreement with the effective legislation in the Argentine Republic, it constitutes a true contract between You (the CLIENT) and CheapHostingShop that, when accepting itself, origin will give to a series of rights and obligations that next will be detailed.

1. Acceptance on the part of the CLIENT

In previous form to the hiring of any service, the CLIENT will have to accept all the terms here including as necessary condition for the benefit of the same.

Also it is necessary for the hiring of the services offered by CheapHostingShop, that the CLIENT reads at great length and accepts the General Terms and Conditions of the site of the company, the Policies of Payment, Policy of Privacy and Confidentiality of Data.

In such sense, that requires a service offered by CheapHostingShop, he will have to subject to the dispositions determined here, along with those you rule complementary or accessory dictated by CheapHostingShop, inform of the clients through www site. CheapHostingShop.com; and those that arise from the different legal norms from national order and international whose application corresponds.

In case the CLIENT does not accept, or it does not agree the dispositions of anyone of documents indicated in the antecedent paragraph, CheapHostingShop will not be forced to provide services to him.

Additionally to these terms and conditions, each service or product will be able to anticipate if so, special instructionses, to which they will have to subject who make use of those services or acquire such products. These documents will be able to complement, to modify, or to suppress part of prepared here, having in those cases of being to the predicted thing in first.

1.1. Legal capacity to contract.

They will only be able to acquire the services offered by CheapHostingShop, that in accordance with the effective legislation in their place of residence can validly emit their consent for the contract celebration. Who in accordance with the alluded to legislation do not own that capacity, they will only be able to contract through his legal representatives, who will be considered responsible for all the acts realised by the incapable ones to their position.

In all the territory of the Argentine Republic, the people are famous totally able when they will reach the age of 21 years, or when without having 21 years fulfilled they are emancipated.

In case of acting in representation of a legal person, the CLIENT must count on faculties sufficient to contract in the name of the invoked organization and to force to the same in the terms of this contract. If the CLIENT will not count on such faculties, or will act in excess of the same, she will be understood that she has herself it also jeopardize in a personal view.

1,2 personal Information.

To the aims of the hiring of the services, the information provided by the CLIENT will have to be trustworthy, and will have the character of sworn declaration. When the provided information does not take care of the real circumstances of that this information offers, CheapHostingShop or third parties as a result of so lacking will be considered to such CLIENT to blame in breach of this contract, being responsible by all the damages undergone by for veracity.

It is responsibility of the CLIENT to maintain updated his in agreement offered personal information is necessary, having to communicate to CheapHostingShop every time changes in relation to the same take place.

CheapHostingShop reserves the faculty to ask for some supporting and/or additional data with the object of corroborating the data of the CLIENT, as well as the one to suspend weather definitively or to those clients whose data could not have been confirmed.

The CLIENT will be responsible by all the operations conducted through his personal account, having to notify to CheapHostingShop in immediate form and by suitable and convincing means, any nonauthorized use of his account, as well as the nonauthorized entrance by third parties to the same.

In all the cases, and in agreement with the Policy of Privacy and Confidentiality of Data maintained by CheapHostingShop, the information of personal character provided by the clients will be object of suitable treatment and preservation, in defense of the privacy of the same.

1,3 Revocation of the acceptance:

By virtue of the arranged thing by the effective legislation, the Client will count on a term of ten (10) working days from the date of hiring to communicate to CheapHostingShop his will unilaterally to stop of his request of benefit of services of Web hosting.

2. Acceptance on the part of CheapHostingShop

CheapHostingShop reserves the right to accept or to reject, to his only criterion and without needing invocation of cause some, the requests of services that Web to the effect receives from the possible clients through the created forms. It will be understood that the request of services has been accepted when the CLIENT receives, via e-mail, a confirmation of this acceptance on the part of CheapHostingShop. Silence, the absence of notification to the possible client, or the express rejection of the request of services on the part of CheapHostingShop, will imply that some between the CLIENT and CheapHostingShop does not exist contract formation, and therefore absence of any legal effect derived from the same, and resigning specifically the parts to any judicial or extrajudicial claim that will be able to take place from this circumstance.

2,1 Activation of the account:

Accepted the request on watch on the part of CheapHostingShop, the CLIENT will by email receive electronic the data of access and passwords to begin to administer to his account of Web hosting right away.

3. Names of User and Passwords

The CLIENT will arrange, once validated his account, of a name of user and a password that will allow the customized access him, confidential and safe to his personal account of Web hosting. The services offered by CheapHostingShop have been conceived for the personal use of the CLIENT, therefore the name of user and the password of access to the account, granted by CheapHostingShop could only be used by this, being prohibited their use on the other person different from the same. The CLIENT will assume the guard obligation and guards of his name of user and password of access to the account, as well as the passwords regarding the e-mails, accounts FTP, additional data base, users, etc., having to inform immediately to CheapHostingShop when the same are lost their state of confidentiality.

4. Of the Service of Web Hosting generally

The service of Web hosting or lodging of sites of Internet offered by CheapHostingShop constitutes a set of facilities that allow to store information, images, video, archives of webpages, or any accessible content via Web, in the servers to that effect prepared by CheapHostingShop.

The main benefits jeopardize by CheapHostingShop in their service of Web hosting, basically are:

  • Lease of a limited space of data storage, in servers connected permanently to Internet, that will appoint the CLIENT.
  • Remote access of the CLIENT to the servers with the purpose of to administer its account, through a Control Panel.
  • Provision of e-mail accounts [........... @su-dominio]
  • Anti Spam and Anti-virus.
  • Telephone technical support, via tickets and chat of attendance online.

To these benefits those are added that respond to the own characteristics of the contracted plan.

CheapHostingShop will place accessible through Internet the information and archives that to that effect are stored by the CLIENT in the granted space. In no Open case Zone it will provide or provide to the CLIENT or third parties, the necessary connectivity so that these from their respective location can accede to the SYSTEM. The facilities of access to Internet of the CLIENT or third parties, will be to the exclusive will and position of these, and in no case the responsibility by the suitable operation of these services to CheapHostingShop will be able to move.

5. Of the services of Web hosting in particular

The services are divided in different plans as the offered benefits and characteristics, those that could be selected by the CLIENT in agreement with their needs.

6. Consumption of Resources

The plans of detailed services, include a series of certain benefits that vary according to each plan. Within those benefits they are:

  • A determined space of disk storage.
  • A certain volume of information transference.

Of this form following the contracted plan, the CLIENT will have insured the space of storage including in the plan and will have the volume of transference also described in the plan.

CheapHostingShop will inform of the CLIENT when the same approaches the contracted capacity of storage, and/or exceeds the volume monthly transference.

For the case of an excess in the consumption of the storage capacity, the service will stop working correctly given the impossibility to lodge new information. By such reason it will not be able to receive and/or to send post office, to raise to archives and the data bases they will lose his access. Once happened the excess, the CLIENT will have to choose to diminish the consumption of the storage (erasing archives, emails, etc.) or to ask for a change of plan by one of greater capacity (subject to the availability).

Notwithstanding the established in the antecedent paragraph, CheapHostingShop reserves the right to assign or to nonmajors resources (storage transference/bandwidth) following the availability of the same. In no case, even though order from the CLIENT mediated, CheapHostingShop will be forced to arrange and to give a greater capacity of storage, and/or major volume of transference that those contemplated in the plan selected by the CLIENT.

At any moment CheapHostingShop will administer the resources available considering the suitable provision to all the existing clients in relation to the plan whom they will have engaged. Only when there are resources sufficient surpluses, CheapHostingShop assigns them tacitly to the client who has asked for it express or.

Also the CLIENT recognizes and accepts that certain programs consume an excessive amount of capacity of processing and/or ram memory of the equipment that executes them. For this reason, the CLIENT agrees and understands that when sharing a servant given with other clients, CheapHostingShop will have the faculty to determine to his own criterion exceeds what constitutes excessive use. In case CheapHostingShop detected that the CLIENT and/or third parties, have installed in its space locado, archives or programs that suppose a sobreconsumption of the resources of the servant to the detriment of the other clients who share that servant, CheapHostingShop will be contacted with the CLIENT and this one last one will have to take the measures indicated by CheapHostingShop in the term that it indicates to him, that they will be able to suppose the removal of one or more archives or programs. On the contrary, CheapHostingShop will have the faculty to suspend the contracted services and/or to take the measures that consider necessary to the aims to provide solution to the indicated situation.

7. Policies of Acceptable Use of the services of Web hosting (Prongs)

The services offered by CheapHostingShop could exclusively be used by the CLIENT for allowed aims, prohibiting specifically the transmission, storage, publication or exhibition of Information that violates the arranged thing in the effective legislation, injures rights of third parties or promotes any enemy operation to the moral and moral convention, or takes place of direct form or by the route of presentation from connections to other websites.

7.1 PROHIBITED USE of the services

In agreement arranged precedingly, the any use of the services that it has by direct or indirect result, to injure the rights of third parties, to contravene the legal order or constitutes an offensive practice to the public modesty, will repute as PROHIBITED USE of the services, in as much transgresses the aims for which it was offered.

It will be considered as PROHIBITED USE, among others, the fixation, propagation, and reproduction of information, computer science expressions, messages, photographies, images, archives, bonds to webpages, and all other element, present or which is developed in the future, which:

  • Right personal are offensive them from the individuals, with special reference to the right to the honor, the dignity, the privacy, not being object of discriminatory treatments, to the health, the image, and the free expression of the ideas; with absolute independence of the legal body where such rights acquire recognition.
  • They infringe the rights of intellectual property of third parties.
  • It owns unsuitable content.
  • It intends to harm the security and/or normal operation of the computer science systems of CheapHostingShop or third parties.
  • It obstructs or it interrupts the telecommunications between people and/or computer science equipment, or of some other way it affects the rear area nets of telecommunications, being understood including in this concept to Internet.
  • It induces, it incites or it promotes criminal, illicit, dysfunctional or morally reproachable actions.
  • It includes or it makes possible the access to illicit material, prohibited by the laws, risky, offensive, injurious, obscene or that, of some other form, are opposite to moral convention.
  • It intends to collect information of third parties with the purpose of to send to them to publicity or propaganda of any type or species, without this outside specifically solicitd.
7,2 E-mail

The CLIENT commits himself to use the service of provided e-mail, within an suitable frame of reasoning, without incurring his abusive use. It will be abusive use among others things: i) the one that harms to third parties or affects the quality on watch given by CheapHostingShop; II) the use of the virtual servant of mail and the email addresses with the aims of Spamming, spoofing, trolling, mailbombing and/or any other similar. It is understood as Spam to the massive shipment of e-mail nonasked for, without taking care of the characteristics of his content (publicity, propaganda, sale, information, etc.).

Except for express consent of CheapHostingShop all massive shipment of e-mail, is this mail asked for or not by the receivers, regardless of their content is prohibited. It is understood that an e-mail shipment is massive whatever a user sends 500 or more e-mails in the term of 60 minutes and/or when it sends 1000 or more post office in a same day.

Also, and whenever it is counted on the consent of CheapHostingShop, in the communications with aims of direct publicity, the emitter it must incorporate a warning that informs to the holder into the data on the rights into total or partial retirement or blockade, of his name of the data base, the mechanism that has been anticipated for its exercise, with plus the transcription of the article 27, interjection 3, of the Law Number 25,326 and the paragraph third party of article of Annex I of the 27 Decree Number 1558/01. Also the word will have to be included in the subject of the message €œPublicity€.

The CLIENT will not be able to use the resources of communication of CheapHostingShop, including false data of sender, to personify another person or either to falsify the authorization to act in the name of others or of CheapHostingShop. All the messages transmitted via CheapHostingShop must identify the sender correctly; The CLIENT does not have: to alter the attribution of origin of messages of electronic mail, to use or to contain names of domain invalid or pertaining to third parties, to include any other information or procedure that he has as an aim to deceive the receiver as far as the origin of the message and/or its real content.

7,3 Violations of systems or data bases.

Any action or use of devices, software is illicit, or other instruments tending to interfere as much in the activities and operating of CheapHostingShop, as in the accounts or data bases of other clients. Any interference, attempt or violatory or opposite activity to the laws on: computer science crimes, confidentiality of the information, protection of personal data, immunity of the communications, intellectual property, and/or to the prohibitions stipulated in this document will make long-suffering their person in charge of pertinent the legal actions, and to the sanctions anticipated by this agreement.

7,4 intellectual Property of third parties

The CLIENT will not be able in any case, by means of the use of anyone of the services that CheapHostingShop makes its available, to ahead take actions that imply the violation to the rights that integrate the intellectual property of third people. In that order, the fixation, diffusion and reproduction of material protected by the right of author, a patent of invention, a model of utility, commercial secret, etc. Without for it mediates express authorization of the holder of the rights, PROHIBITED USE will be considered, and will do totally responsible to the CLIENT that will have infringed such rights, by all the damages that will be able to experience their holder, maintaining to Open undamaged Zone of any reduction that will have been undergone as a result of the reclamations interposed by the holder of the violated rights of intellectual property.

7,5 Societies of collective management

CheapHostingShop also informs of the CLIENT who the inclusion of musicalizaci³n in the sites of Internet, as well as the musical work inclusion for their reproduction online from the site or for its unloading, necessarily requires the payment of the tariffs corresponding to right of author, perceived in the case of the Argentine Republic by the Society de Autores and Compositores de Mºsica (SADAIC), notwithstanding the authorization or licenses of the author in case of the musical work copy unloading.

In felt equal when the work including in the site with the indicated aims is a fonograma or videograma, the payment of the respective tariffs to the Camera de Productores de Fonogramas and Videogramas will correspond (CAPIF), altogether with the Association de Interpretes (AADI), or AADI-CAPIF.

7,6 Breach of the Prongs

Notwithstanding the legal actions born in head from CheapHostingShop or third parties, when the use of the services, taken ahead on the part of the CLIENT can be famous by CheapHostingShop as PROHIBITED USE, CheapHostingShop will take the measures that the right considers advisable according to its exclusive criterion, reserving itself to suppress the content of the website of the CLIENT or to do it inaccessible to third parties from the moment at which it considers that exists information nonallowed by virtue of the present contract or the effective norm, notifying it later to the CLIENT. In the assumption to demonstrate itself that the lodged content does not infringe the stipulated thing in this agreement, CheapHostingShop will replace this information without it implies obligation some to be responsible for damages.

The breach on the part of the CLIENT of the arranged thing in these Prongs, will also give right CheapHostingShop unilaterally to solve the benefit of the service, without previous warning nor right to indemnification some towards the CLIENT.

8. Changes and Modifications

CheapHostingShop will be able to introduce all the changes and modifications that it only considers advisable to his criterion, on these terms and conditions, and/or the services and/or the form in which these are lent, at any time and without previous warning, being enough the single publication of the changes carried out in the www site. CheapHostingShop.com. To this end the CLIENT will have to enter in periodic form this site, and to take knowledge about the modifications. In case the CLIENT is not in agreement with the modifications, she will have to communicate by email electronic the rejection of the same within the 10 days of his publication in the site or the reception of the communication to the CLIENT; in so supposed it will be dissolved the bond and its account will be terminated. Overcome the term of 10 days without the CLIENT indicated his rejection, it will be considered that it has accepted without reserve the operated changes.

9. Availability of the services of Web hosting

CheapHostingShop realises its better efforts to maintain and to improve the quality of its services, nevertheless does not guarantee the provision continued and uninterrupted of its services. The computer science systems on which the services of Web depend hosting can possibly not be available due to technical difficulties or faults of connectivity, or by any other circumstance other people's to CheapHostingShop. On the other hand the CLIENT recognizes and accepts that, the visualization and access to the sites of Internet, applications and/or archives, that locado to CheapHostingShop lodges in the space, are only possible thanks to the infrastructure of resources of third parts as being suppliers of connection to Internet, suppliers of software and hardware, nodes of interconnection, carriers of data, suppliers of electrical energy, etc., on which CheapHostingShop does not own control. In knowledge of this the CLIENT specifically resigns to demand any repair with base in objective the subjective responsibility either of CheapHostingShop by failures, slowness, and/or errors in the access and use of the service, due to problems of connectivity, communications, faults or failures in the computer science systems or other possible contingencies.

CheapHostingShop in case of interruption for the service or deficiencies in its benefit will not either be responsible when it is consequence of:

  • Faults originated because of Two computer viruses, attacks or DDoS, nonauthorized intrusion to the computer science systems, and any other circumstance susceptible to be described as a computer science crime.
  • Act of God or greater force.
  • Acts of cyber-terrorism as the reach given to the definition by the O.N.U.
  • Criminal acts of third parties, as sabotages, damage to the facilities, interruption of the telecommunications,
  • Acts of the government, natural emergency, catastrophes, economico-financial crises, war.
  • Strike or other union measures of force

All the services are including support of attention to the client of 24 hours to the day 7 of the week, by system of tickets and e-mail. In order to offer an optimal response time to him and to be able to solve the doubts and incidences to our clients, a hierarchial structuring of the presented problems and action on the part of the professionals of CheapHostingShop exists.

To all the registered incidences an emergency degree of €œLoss€ to €œCritic€ based on the gravity of this incidence is assigned to them. This priority will be able turns modified once has been evaluated by our equipment. They are excluded the incidences or requests from the gratuitous tests of our plans.

The priorities that are described next are applicable to the administered services.

  • Priority Low maximum Time of first answer: 24 hours capable. - General questions of use and operation of a certain service. - The service is available but it presents problems with little impact. - Installation of components or special configuration of services. - Suggestions of improvement.
  • Normal priority maximum Time of first answer: 12 hours capable - it is continued investigating the cause of a problem to which previously a stable or temporary resolution has occurred him. - The incidence registers in surroundings of tests or pre-production that do not affect to the general service. - Loss of functionalities noncritics that do not affect to the normal operation of the service. - Incidence is intermittent or it does not take place easily. - Restoration of backups and nonaccessible backup copies to the client of independent form.
  • Maximum AltaTiempo priority of first answer: 6 hours (24/7) - Degradation of essential services that harm to an important number of users (Web, mail, DNS, BBDD, backup, etc.). - Degradation of the operation of a servant, affecting to a great number of users - Faults in main services - Sites this fallen or does not respond
  • *El client will have to be locatable (email) and to be abreast of the notifications to be able to have an agile communication. If within 1 hour answer on the part of the client were not obtained the priority can change Normal.

  • Critical priority maximum Time of first answer: 2 hours (24/7) - an important service (Web, mail, DNS, BBDD, backup, etc.) does not work and harms to an important number of users - a servant in production is fallen, he does not start or he is hung constantly and he harmed to an important number of users - the connectivity does not work or is degraded of serious form and harms to an important number of users - Loss of information or corrupt information that he harms to an important number of users
  • *El client will have to be locatable (email) and to be abreast of notifications p to oder to solve the incidence of agile form. If answer in 30 minutes were not obtained the priority of the incidence can happen to consider itself High.


Notwithstanding the established in the antecedent point, CheapHostingShop will try to reach in normal conditions a monthly availability of 99% of its service. This degree of availability is in monthly average, and will be calculated and determined exclusively by the systems of monitoring of CheapHostingShop or third parties contracted by CheapHostingShop. In case of not being reached the level indicated by circumstances whose direct and immediate responsibility falls to the CheapHostingShop, the CLIENT will subsequent to have to order of this one right to an advantage on the position of the service of the month the one that is registered uptime smaller to 99%; that he will be calculated according to uptime registered indeed, and in no case will give rise a greater acquittal to 20% of the monthly payment of the contracted services.

9,3 programmed Tasks of maintenance

Occasionally CheapHostingShop will be able to interrupt in temporary form the storage of the Information in its Servers, or the availability of the same on the part of the users of Internet, by reasons for security, or reconstruction of the computer science resources of CheapHostingShop, destined to improve its services of storage and putting at the disposal of Information through Internet. In such Open case Zone it will try that, such interruptions affect of minimum form the CLIENT. CheapHostingShop will not respond of the damages caused by these interruptions, if these have been previously communicated to the CLIENT.

10. Backup copies or backup

CheapHostingShop informs of the CLIENT who, being the information and other archives in computer science systems, these under certain conditions, or as a result of certain actions, can collapse or fail, and as a result of it to take place total losseses or partial in the information and archives of the CLIENT. Consequently the CLIENT recognizes specifically that the use of the service is to its exclusive risk, assuming in total form the responsibility to realise in periodic form backups or backup copies of the archives and/or information that reside in its account. CheapHostingShop will not respond in any case by the losses originated in the deficiency or nonexistence of backup copies.

Notwithstanding the obligations assumed by the CLIENT, CheapHostingShop will try the own copy accomplishment of backup, but in any case it does not guarantee the total replacement of the information and/or obrantes archives in the account of the CLIENT.

11. Responsibilities:

11,1 Guarantee of legality

CheapHostingShop does not perform audit on the content of the lodged /los sitio/s of the CLIENT in its servers. Consequently the CLIENT guarantees that in no case, the data lodged in the servant will contain material that affects rights or guarantees of third parties, recognized by the laws of the Republic, will be personal, most personal, patrimonial or any information that is considered prohibited in agreement the terms of this contract.

11,2 Responsibility by the lodged material

The CLIENT declares to be the only and exclusive person in charge of the totality of the information that publishes to traverse the services of CheapHostingShop, as well as of all the generated activity in his website. The CLIENT guarantees that he is proprietor of the stored information or that, in any case, has the corresponding authorization to disclose the Information through Internet. CheapHostingShop, will not respond shared in common, subsidiarily, joint nor alternatively, as a result of the violation of rights of third people, by the material and/or existing information in el/los sitio/s Web of the CLIENT.

The responsibility on the data, archives or programs lodged by the CLIENT in the servant is exclusive of the CLIENT. In the case that is incurred some long-suffering cause of legal sanction, CheapHostingShop will be able to terminate the present contract.

11,3 Responsibilities in the administration of electronic communications

Kind that within the services offered by CheapHostingShop includes functionalities such as e-mail, filtrate of mail nonwished (filter anti Spam), redireccionamiento of email addresses, or if so, the lodged sites can include facilities of communication as instantaneous messengers, electronic message centers, communications through deprived electronic messages, among others and without this listing implies a limitation, the CLIENT recognizes and accepts that CheapHostingShop will have the possibility of controlling the messages that under anyone of the suggested forms, can take place in relation to the communications directed towards the CLIENT, or of the CLIENT towards third parties. In that order, the CLIENT confers it express authorization, with irrevocable character while the contractual relation stays effective, to monitor, to supervise, to take part, to suspend or to disrupt his electronic communications to the aims to filter mail nonwished, e-mail that incorporates some computer virus or harmful code, spyware, malware, or any other type of circumstance that in principle and with preventive character is identified as dangerous, potentially dangerous or undesired on the part of CheapHostingShop, as well as for the accomplishment of tasks of maintenance or update of hardware or software.

Given the nature of the tasks to realise, CheapHostingShop does not jeopardize its better effort for the suitable fulfillment of the same, nevertheless does not guarantee that such tasks will eliminate in their totality mail Spam, the virus neither the other indicated circumstances, nor guarantees either that in the accomplishment of these tasks it cannot affect to the electronic communications legitimate or wished by the CLIENT.

12. Sanctions. Suspension/interruption of the service

Notwithstanding other measures that it considers pertinent, CheapHostingShop will warn, suspend temporarily or definitively disqualify the account of the CLIENT if,

a) Some law, the rights of a third party, the public order, the moral and moral convention, or anyone of the stipulations of this contract, or the stipulations published in the www website would break. CheapHostingShop.com, regarding served.

b) An authority would communicate to CheapHostingShop that the content of the information published by the CLIENT could be illegal or harmful for the interests of third parties, CheapHostingShop reserves the right to suspend the service without previous warning.

c) A third party would communicate to CheapHostingShop that the content of the information published by the CLIENT, affects its rights.

d) If the CLIENT failed to fulfill his commitments.

e) If one incurred to criterion of CheapHostingShop conducts or fraudulent or fraudulent acts.

f) The identity of the CLIENT could not be verified or any information provided by the same will be erroneous.

13. Payment and invoicing by the services

The CLIENT will pay to CheapHostingShop the subscription positions - if she has them and the monthly positions, jointly Price. The subscription positions could be invoiced from the date of signature of the present. The obligation to pay the positions is independent of the use that the CLIENT does of the service.

13.1 Of the price

The subscription positions - if it has them and the monthly positions are those that are published in the www website. CheapHostingShop.com in agreement with the Plan chosen by the CLIENT.

13.2 Of the payment in term

The invoices issued by CheapHostingShop will have to be phelp by the CLIENT before their respective victories so that the payment is considered in term. All reclamation regarding the invoiced concepts will have to be interposed by the CLIENT before the date of victory of the invoice at issue.

13.3 Of the lack of payment

The lack of payment in term of any invoice will imply the automatic blackberry of the CLIENT, without it is necessary interpellation some. This blackberry will generate an interest in charge of the CLIENT.

Also the lack of payment of anyone of the positions imputable to the CLIENT will authorize to CheapHostingShop to solve the present contract cancelling all the served. The resolution of the contract for this reason will not release to the CLIENT respect the owed sums to the moment at which it happens.

13,5 Modifications and use of the price

The modifications of the Price will be notified to the CLIENT by means of the publication of the new price in the www site. CheapHostingShop.com, or by email electronic, fax, postal mail. This notification will be attended 15 days ahead to the application of the new price.

Once notified through the average descriptos, the CLIENT will be able to choose to continue or to finalize the benefit of the services. If the CLIENT will choose not to continue the service, she will have to communicate it to CheapHostingShop, and she will be eliminated and invoiced the proportional amounts to him corresponding to the date of conclusion of the contract, those that will have to pay within the term of payment that indicates the respective invoice. The payment of at least one (1) invoice that includes the new price, will imply that the CLIENT has accepted the same without reserves, having been able CheapHostingShop subsequent to demand the total payment of any invoice the invoice phelp by the CLIENT.

14. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

This agreement will be governed in all points by the effective laws in the Argentine Republic. Any controversy derived from the present agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, reaches or fulfillment, will be put under the ordinary courts of Justice of the Nation with jurisdiction in the Independent City of Buenos Aires.

15. Notifications between the parts

15.1 Of the CLIENT to CheapHostingShop

All the notifications of the CLIENT to CheapHostingShop in relation to the contracted services will have to take place by convincing means to clientes@cheaphostingshop.com

15.2 Of CheapHostingShop to the CLIENT

All the notifications of CheapHostingShop to the CLIENT in relation to this contract and/or served will have to become and to be sent in writing either by email conventional, or by fax, or by email electronic, to election of CheapHostingShop, using the updated directions and numbers the more of the CLIENT that are in their possession. It will be responsibility of the CLIENT to notify to CheapHostingShop on all the changes that take place in their data of contact. For greater security of the CLIENT, the notifications of changes in the contact data will have to be sent in writing to CheapHostingShop, via ordinary mail, fax or email.

16. Partial invalidity

Supposing that some or some of the integral clauses of this contract happens to be invalid, illegal or unexecutable by virtue of some legal norm, they would be considered ineffective in the measurement that corresponds, but in all the others, this contract would conserve total validity.


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