What is email Marketing?

email Marketing is the form to make direct marketing by means of the shipment of e-mails. It allows you to design a content, either newsletter or another message HTML, and sending it in massive form - and if you wish it, also of customized way to all contacts.

Marketing grows with email

With email Marketing, it is easier for you to connect to you with your clients, and your clients to share your messages with his network of work. While the clients spread the word more, you are more going to grow.

Help business?

email Marketing allows you to have a direct communication with your subscribers or clients, through habitual means for them: its e-mail.

In addition, it maintains the data base of your contacts always updated. It allows to create customized messages easily (promotions, newsletters, invitations, supplies and all type of contents) and more and more to distribute them with a single click, expanding your business and strengthening it.

Main characteristics that mark to the difference of our service in relation to other servers of email Marketing:

  • Infrastructure of Amazon provides an infrastructure platform burglaryable of high reliability and low cost in the cloud that it drives to hundreds of companies in 190 thousand countries worldwide. Thanks to the datacenters located in EE. UU., Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Japan and Australia

  • Companies DKIM: DKIM uses cryptography of public key electronically to reproduce our original signature in the e-mails, so that they can be verified by the adressees. DKIM also protects against the manipulation of e-mails, providing integrity of end to end, from the signature to their validation.

  • Registries SPF: SPF are the abbreviations of Sender Policy Framework, is a protection against the falsifications of e-mails. This protection is based on txt that we must add in our servers DNS, to identify the servers of mail smtp of our domain. With this, we will be able to avoid spoof of our email addresses, since we are defining which are servers smtp from where post office of our domain can be sent.

  • Agreements with Google, Yahoo and Hotmail for high rates of delivery. Through our infrastructure supplier we have direct communication with the majors and main suppliers of mail knowing first hand any abuse in our infrastructure, obtaining from this form the Spam Rate more under the market.


  • It easily visualizes the successes of your campaigns.

  • It observes who clicks in the connections or promotions of your e-mails.

  • E-mails in the social networks tracks the diffusion of your.

  • It discovers to what hour and what day the clients with your messages interact.


Lists and subscribers

It easily administers to lists and subscribers with CheapHostingShop. Import/massive elimination of subscribers, customized fields, single/double opt-in, page of confirmation of customized low subscription, e-mails of gratefulness or goodbye, form of subscription or API to add users.

Shipment of newsletters via Amazon SES

CheapHostingShop uses multitasks (multi-threading) to send emails via Amazon SES. Release to pay expensive campaigns to you and forget to you limits of emails established by servant, while at the same time you enjoy a high capacity of delivery.

Graphical reports

It observes the results of each campaign in an attractive formatted report. It visualizes openings, click, bounces, complaints and data. Also you can orient the sendings back exporting segments of subscribers of your report.

Price list

Our system is based on credits, where 1 credit corresponds to 1 sent email. While more credits acquire, more cheap it is the cost by credit.

Amount of Containers Price by Container Price of the Package  
1000 AR$ 0,175 AR + IVA To contract
2500 AR$ 0,096 AR + IVA To contract
5000 AR$ 0,069 AR + IVA To contract
7500 AR$ 0,060 AR + IVA To contract
10000 AR$ 0,050 AR + IVA To contract
15000 AR$ 0,041 AR + IVA To contract
25000 AR$ 0,030 AR + IVA To contract
50000 AR$ 0,023 AR + IVA To contract
100000 AR$ 0,016 AR + IVA To contract
200000 AR$ 0,011 AR + IVA To contract
+ 200000 To consult To consult To consult

Additional services VIP

Additional to the system of credits it can accede to complementary services VIP where specialistic they can be in charge of customized way of his campaign, without it must worry about no technical aspect or about planning.

Between services VIP we emphasized:

  • Full Management: we administer of form completes its campaign of marketing. It includes administration of containers, purifications of lists, analysis of yields, programming of shipments, design, model-making and when finalizing we sent the reports to him of the shipment.

  • Design of Newsletters: if it does not own the design of its Newsletter, we can design it by you considering the last standards of world-wide quality Web.

  • Armed and Optimization: if it only owns the design, we can construct by you the HTML of his Newsletter considering the last standards of world-wide quality Web, using the best practices of Email HTML to obtain a high rate of delivery.

  • Analysis and Advising: we analyze all the aspects of his campaign, following the models of good practices and correcting in real time any shortcoming that can reduce the rate of delivery.

  • Monitoring: We monitor the campaign in all the stages of the process, analyzing bounces, desubscripciones and denunciations in real time.

  • Support 24/7/365: Technicians available via ticket the 24 hours, the 7 days of the week, the 365 days of the year.

The costs of our service VIP arm based on each client, optimizing of this form the relation cost/yield. If it wishes that we do a customized quote to him contactactenos and a representative will communicate to the brevity.

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