The servers of Open zone are located in one of the more important suppliers of Housing of the world, with 4 datacenters pertaining to different geographic locations, offering a high redundancy of access.

One is in a crucial point of Internet, in which they come together and they are present the main international suppliers of connectivity. Unlike other companies, all our servers are located in the United States and Europe, obtaining from this form speeds of access and stability of Network of Premium quality.

Infrastructure Hardware

All our servers come from recognized brands, as HP, Dell or Supermicro, servers of last generation in format rack. The possibility of hardware failure is minimum. Even so, we have systems of redundancy and pieces of spare part to be able to act in the smaller possible time.

All the servers of hosting are monitored 24x7 -24 hours, the 7 days of the week to be able to detect any anomaly.

In case of catastrophic fault of some of our components of Hardware, we assured a maximum initial response time to you 30 minutes.

Map network

Premium Tier-1 Bandwidth


Our top priority is to provide the highest quality of connectivity and yield to Internet. For this reason, we have chosen a Premium service Tier-1, which guarantees a minimum latency and fast connections to all the points of the planet. We are proud to put to your reach a direct connectivity with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Savvis and Nivel 3. Altogether, we managed to reach the amazing amount of 8,500 nodes to a single passage of our uplink.

Securidad On-Site


Acceso to the Datacenter strictly is limited the technical personnel. The electronic systems of security of access control are accompanied of cameras with detection of movement that watch all the installation. The outer walls of the infrastructure of the DataCenter are of reinforced concrete spill. We are a center totally managed, which means that we have technicians Level 3 in the site, the 24 hours of the day. This allows as well to maintain to the minimum the response times us in case of a possible incident.

Systems of Energy


Our systems of energy count on an ample tolerance to failures. The incoming underground service is connected to a dedicated transformer. The system of routes sends to an automatic commutator of transference. This it monitors the quality of energy and it transfers automatically to our generators in emergency in case it is necessary.

Each installation as well is protected by one or more uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), with closets of superfluous batteries and a bypass of maintenance. This is what the change without interruption of the energy allows our servers.

Also, we counted in emergency on several generators in delay way, with more than 24 hours of independent runtime before needing charge. Each generator is subject to a test of operation at least once to the week, to assure to us that they are ready before any urgency.



The temperature and the humidity all the year is regulated accurately to assure the trustworthiness the equipment. Each unit contains independent compressors and cycles of refrigeration to improve the tolerance to failures still more. The cooling systems include superfluous Liebert Precisi³n equipment of up to 22 tons - units of conditioned air volume. The active systems of filtration of the atmosphere eliminate strange particles within the DataCenter, renewing the totality of the air in a matter of minutes.

Guarantee of satisfaction

  • 99,99% Uptime
  • 100+ Gbps of capacity
  • Support 24x7x365
  • Plans to measures
  • Backup copy
  • Superfluous systems
  • Protection of data
Additional information

€œTercerizo all hosting with them, as to reseller my business it obtains great benefits with excellent results€

Daniela Rinoft, CEO Nextribu .com

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