CheapHostingShop is a company created by a group of professionals with ample experience in the Technologies of the Information. It was founded on 1998, thinking about offering a unique service of quality and with the lowest costs in the Hispanic market of speech. We dedicated to the lodging of sites of Internet and other compatible services. Our central office owns headquarters in Cordoba, city of the Argentine Republic. We count on the experience and trajectory sufficient to guarantee that you site and/or business, will be in good hands.

Human equipment of high performance

We have enabled personnel highly and the most varied forms of technical support so that you can realise all type of consultations. Also, our equipment will be able to orient you in the election of the plan that complies to your needs more. The ample variety of plans that CheapHostingShop puts on sale, allows each user to find an answer to its measurement.

In our company, so much can be delegated the lodging of the site, as the management of domains, avoiding the disadvantages of having to work simultaneously with many companies. CheapHostingShop offers an integral answer you.

Mission and Vision

We leave from a basic and fundamental concept: to take care of our clients. We made sure that the needs of each client are covered in time and forms. Our principles priorities are to provide connectivity with maximum quality (99,9% Uptime) and to obtain the best performance in our servers.
The performance of a website defines by its speed of connection and stability. These two factors have been from always our main objective. More ago than 15 years, we offered to the minimum latency and principle stability to all the points of Internet.

Services to clients

Data of the Service

  • Bilingual support
  • 99,99% Uptime
  • Superfluous DNS
  • Guarantee of satisfaction
  • Backups daily
  • Setup free

Hardware Systems

  • Enterprise Class Server
  • RAID10 Storage
  • 10 Gigabit NIC
  • Hardware RAID
  • ECC RAM Control
  • It alerts anti hack

Operating Systems

  • Linux Red Hat
  • Debian
  • FreeBSD 8.0/9.0
  • CentOS 5.4/5.5/6.0
  • Gentoo 201111
  • Windows Server 2008
Fast Setup

Fast Setup

Our servers count on system fast of boot for new accounts, in some steps already you only can you count on all the services of hosting. Next to the management of .com domains in hours its site can be up line!

Fantastic panel will quickly allow him to install, to form and to enjoy platforms as WordPress, Joomla, OS Commerce, 4Images Gallery, phpBB, etc.


Premium Network

High performance

Our Datacenters owns connections OC-192 (10 Gigabits per second, 220 times faster than a line T3) and of 155mbps OC-3 (100x faster than a line T1) through NAC, INterNap, Verio and more€¦ Thanks to this we can to provide a high speed with connection. Using direct access to each one of the greater suppliers of bandwith, we can offer a speed and trustworthiness without surprises.

Intelligent Routing

It eliminates these problems, focusing in sending his data of the point To a point B through the possible fastest route. Completing our Technology of Ruteo, CheapHostingShop provides redundancy in every minute to maximize uptime and the trustworthiness. CheapHostingShop owns direct access and transit full in the global majors backbones, obtaining an availability of network of highest for all time.

Guarantee of satisfaction

  • 99,99% Uptime
  • 100+ Gbps of capacity
  • Support 24x7x365
  • Plans to measures
  • Backup copy
  • Superfluous systems
  • Protection of data
Additional information

€œTercerizo all hosting with them, as to reseller my business it obtains great benefits with excellent results€

Daniela Rinoft, CEO Nextribu .com

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